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Our company was the preferred supplier to the former GCAP group from 2001 until the takeover by GLOBAL in 2008.

In 2008 we exclusively provided similar facilities to the Total Star group of stations until the brand was sold to Celador in 2013.

During this time we provided promotional vehicles from Roadshow Trucks to Ice Cream Vans, 4x4's to Power Boats and now we want you to have exclusive use within your tsa of the Black Thunders.


“Best decision ever to use the Black Thunder brand as a marketing tool for our station. Instant brand recognition and a fantastic association for our product.

Crazy to have dropped such an iconic piece of kit that still generates huge interest.

Our station has seen incredible growth since taking the trucks out and about across Somerset and it is actually making us money as they are sponsored.”


​​Managing Director, Pulse Radio

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