Our team are passionate about making compelling radio that our listeners can't turn off. Our Radio Station covers the whole of North Somerset and beyond on multiple broadcast platforms. We play a wide variety of music targeted directly at an audience that is waiting to be introduced to your products and services. 

In a time of economic recovery, we're doing the smart thing and investing in our product and we're able to offer you a truly cross-platform multimedia advertising solution.
Radio is the most real form of advertising. Because it's intrusive, your message will reach potential customers whether they're in their car, at home, at work - even in the shower. You can't turn past a radio advert like you can a newspaper advert and it's possible to target specific customers at specific times (how many times have you heard a breakfast cereal commercial first thing in the morning?).
Radio reaches out to your customers - and in the same way it can create chart music success, it can create genuine success for your business.
We believe Severn Air is the most cost effective and dynamic form of advertising in North Somerset and you should be a part of our success.

We'd love to discuss the variety of options available to your business and guarantee to deliver exactly the marketing campaign you require.


Sponsorship is a great way to show your support for your local community radio station.
We have a wide range of specialist shows that run alongside the regular shows featured on Severn Air and all of them are available to sponsor with your specific message.
You can sponsor any aspect of our on air product from time checks to the weather, a specific show or become the overall sponsor of the radio station!
The great thing about our status as an independent radio station is that we can offer a bespoke package to suit your needs and budget.


Have you ever dreamed of working in broadcasting?
Severn Air can offer just that opportunity. We really need your support and welcome members of the community to help us create a top end product that can realistically stand up against the big commercial groups in our area.
Local radio is in short supply in our area and we'd love it if you can lend your skills to our team.
We really do make everyone welcome.  Being on air isn't for everyone but there are a host of behind the scenes roles that we'd really like your help with.  Don't worry if you haven't worked in radio before, we provide full training to ensure you've got the confidence to continue.
We can't wait to meet you!