Your success is our business!
Our team are passionate about making compelling radio that our listeners can't turn off. Our Radio Station covers the Costa Calida region of Southern Spain and beyond on multiple broadcast platforms. We play a wide variety of music targeted directly at an audience that is waiting to be introduced to your products and services. 
Radio is the perfect choice for advertising. Because it's intrusive, your message will reach potential customers whether they're in their car, at home, at work - even in the shower. You can't avoid a radio advert like you can a newspaper advert and it's possible to target specific customers at specific times (how many times have you heard a breakfast cereal commercial first thing in the morning?).
Radio reaches out to your customers - and in the same way it can create chart music success, it can create genuine success for your business.
We believe Total Star is the most cost effective and dynamic form of advertising in Southern Spain and you should be a part of our journey.

We'd love to discuss the variety of options available to your business and guarantee to deliver exactly the marketing campaign you require.